"Let's Turn Your Students' Mess into Total School Success..."

...While Eliminating Your Stress and Overwhelm!


Hi, I'm Kantis Simmons... and I was born with a really cool birth defect.

In spite of all all my inner demons and crazy beliefs I now help students, parents and educators overcome their mess and succeed in school and life.

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How Stop Teacher Burnout and Student Dropout


- Danny Knot, Principal
East Montgomery HS (VA)

"Best Speaker in 11 years"

"He was one of the best speakers we ever had in 11 years... He was so good that several of our students asked to stay here today to see him a second time, because they enjoyed him so much."

"Let's Make This Your Best School Year Ever!"

Hello, I'm Kantis...As the nation’s leading School Success Strategist my aim is to forestall the academic failure epidemic, teacher turnover rate, and trillion dollars student loan debt crisis sweeping across America’s schools and colleges.

School districts and organizations bring me in to speak and inspire in areas concerning:

  • STEM Education

  • Teacher Motivation

  • College Readiness

  • Academic Success


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Imagine  your student being super excited to go to school everyday, productive when studying, and enjoying a report card full of A's and Good Grades.

Playing Your 'A' Game' is an 7module Academic Success Video Course to help your student stay motivated, remain focused, and get better grades.


"He Has a Way To Connect with Both Students and Educators" - Dir. of Activites

Born with a birth defect, audiences readily respond when Kantis shares his humorous and proven 7.25 Finger Secrets. The lessons that you learn and the memorable phrases, are ideal when needing a speaker for:

  • STEM Conferences

  • College Success Series

  • School Assemblies

  • Teacher Development Days

  • Youth Events & Motivation Days


-Jessie Vernon, Coordinator
(Inst for Virginia Adv. Learning & Research)

"Beyond Our Wildest Imaginations"

He did beyond our wildest imaginations, and encouraged them to live beyond their dreams and pursue careers in STEM. They were engaged and laughing. I highly recommend Kantis Simmons

-Dr. Shumaker, Associate Professor,
U. of West Alabama (AL)

"He Inspired Them About STEM"

"He's getting students energized, motivated and inspired about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. And that's most important to me and my University.