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Kantis Simmons

Kantis Simmons, former NASA scientist and renowned STEM Education Speaker, is on a mission to revolutionize education globally.

He tackles academic failure, teacher turnover, and student debt crisis, achieving impressive results with his "Play Your 'A' Game" Study Skills Program and "Scholarship Secrets" College Funding strategies. Join him in transforming education nationwide.

Beyond his mission, you'll find Kantis globe-trotting, delivering speeches, creating courses, and writing books to address education challenges. But in his downtime, you'll catch him at major league baseball stadiums sipping on a frosted iced-lemonade.

Hear What These Educators Happily Say About Working with Kantis...

Dr. Jennifer Benne, Dept. Head, Lincoln University (MO)

"Kantis is amazing. He has such a way of engaging with students and with educators. He has a message that we can take home and strategies that we can remember."

Danny Knot, Principal, East Montgomery HS (VA)

"He was one of the best speakers we ever had in 11 years... He was so good that several of our students asked to stay here today to see him a 2nd time because they enjoyed him so much."

Dr. Shumaker, Associate Professor, Univ. of West Alabama (AL)

"He's getting students energized, motivated and inspired about their education & their future, and that's most important to me and my University. "


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