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Dr. Jennifer Benne, Dept. Head, Lincoln University (MO)

"Kantis is amazing. He has such a way of engaging with students and with educators. He has a message that we can take home and strategies that we can remember."

Danny Knot, Principal, East Montgomery HS (VA)

"He was one of the best speakers we ever had in 11 years... He was so good that several of our students asked to stay here today to see him a 2nd time because they enjoyed him so much."

Dr. Shumaker, Associate Professor, Univ. of West Alabama (AL)

"He's getting students energized, motivated and inspired about their education & their future, and that's most important to me and my University. "

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As a parent, you want the best for your child's education and overall success. That's why I, Kantis Simmons, am here to help your student thrive inside and outside the classroom. Get ready to witness remarkable transformations!

For over 15 years, I've developed a proven formula that turns average students into extraordinary achievers. From cultivating effective study habits to mastering test prep skills, I've documented strategies that propel students to the honor roll.

But it doesn't stop there. These strategies boost your child's grades and GPA and ignite their motivation, focus, and enthusiasm for learning. Imagine seeing your child excited to attend school and achieve more than ever before!

The impact of these A-Game strategies extends far beyond academics. Many of our students have secured college scholarships and successfully applied these skills in various aspects of life.

All this valuable knowledge is condensed into my #1 School Best-Selling Book, "Play Your 'A' Game." Countless parents, educators, and students have already experienced its transformative power.

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Empower Your Student for Their Best School Year Ever by Developing the Right Habits for Automatic Achievement.

- Jalin Thomas, Michigan State University Graduate, & RocNation Business Intern

“After having a few sessions with Kantis, I went from a 2.5 Sophomore at Michigan State, to now a 3.5-4.0 rising senior. He taught me how to manage my time, improve my focus and my schedule as a student and athletic manager.” 

Dr. Tanea Chane-Wommack, Former Middle School Student, Now Doctor of Pharmacy

I met Kantis in middle school. He’s real and relative. And he gives an applicable...informative...and easy-to-understand program that impacted both my personal & academic life. I’m a Pharmacist today because of his strategies.

"There's only one game in life, and that's to Play Your 'A' Game." 

- Kantis Simmons