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Scholarship Sundays | Live Q&A - Nov 22 - Replay

Join Kantis Simmons (for a LIVE Q&A) as he helps both students and parents find the money for college to pay the big tuition bill. 

(3:56) when can I start applying for scholarships if I still do not know if I was accepting to the university?

(7:48) How do I reduce the EFC?

(19:25) How do I stay in the financial aid bracket I have two students at an HBCU

(24:47) Should College be a personality fit or a money fit or both?

(31:53) What are the December scholarships seniors can apply to next month?

(46:08) when is the last day I can edit my FAFSA before college starts reviewing if I qualify for Aid?

(55:30) how different is scholarship processing for graduate students looking for funds how different is the process actually?

(56:57) where do you get the scholarships?

(1:02:01) Should 11th graders apply for FAFSA?

(1:07:45) How can we determine if these are legit?

(1:09:09) Can you search scholarships for nursing students?

(1:13:53) Does your program provide a mentorship as well as a scholarship?

(1:14:49) Does Merit only accept people with a 4.0 GPA?

(1:15:05) Do I have to file workers comp for FAFSA?

(1:15:28) Do you recommend seniors going to top-notch colleges with higher tuition or small colleges with lower tuition offering the same programs?

(1:18:40) Can you pay student loans off with scholarships?

(1:24:58) What's the cost of your program?



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