Note Taking Method for Acing a Test (HOW TO STUDY FOR EXAMS)

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This will be your best school year ever.

Yes, I believe this will be your best school year ever.

Why? Because I am going to show you a simple note-taking strategy that's going to help you ace all of your tests.

If you need to improve your test scores and improve your grades on tests, this video I'm going to take you into a live presentation where I recently spoke at the Phi Theta Kappa Conference up in Denison, Texas, and I'm going to show you a simple strategy that I showed them from stage that's going to help you ace your next school test.

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Want to successfully ace your test with a proven note taking method??

This video will show you my 50/50 note taking method on how to study for a test effectively.

Having strong note taking strategies and note taking skills is key when building strong study skills. When it’s time to study for a test in college, prepare for an exam, study for exams, or study for a test in general, you don’t want to procrastinate in your preparation.

This study tip and note taking example is very similar to Cornell note taking. This is useful for note taking tips for high school students, college students, and even returning adult students.

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