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How to Stay Motivated As an Educator Even When You Feel Like Quitting

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Teacher Burnout is a real issue because the numbers show:

  • About half a million (15% of) U.S. teachers leave the profession every year.
  • More than 41% of teachers leave the profession within five years of starting, and teacher attrition has risen significantly over the last two decades
  • 66% of the nation’s best teachers continue to leave the profession for careers elsewhere


Why are YOU a Teacher?

Regardless of what others are going through and the national numbers, YOU matter.

What keeps you motivated to empower students?

In this video, Kantis Simmons encourages teachers, educators, and administrators to reevaluate why they chose the teaching profession.

Filmed at a personal development day for new teachers in Los Angeles School District, this question of "Why are you a teacher" becomes real to the 400 + teachers in the room.

5 Ways to Overcome Teacher Burnout

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More About Kantis Simmons

Kantis is a former Rocket Scientist, Academic Guru, Author and Nationally Renowned Motivational Speaker. He's irrationally passionate about academic achievement and school improvement; where he's on a mission to improve overall student and teacher performance in this country.

Schools, colleges, and organizations bring Kantis Simmons in to speak at their school assembly and teacher training events to share his proven strategies on STEM Education, Academic Success and Teacher Motivation.



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