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How to Prepare For a New School Year in 2020 - Day 1 of Best School Year Ever

best school year ever (series)

Maybe you are wandering how to prepare for a new school year in 2020? Well I purposely declare that as you prepare to go back to school, that this will be “Your Best School year Ever"

Whether you are a student, parent, educator or adult trying to finish your degree, I’m sure you have many thoughts and emotions rolling around inside about the new 2020 school year…

However, I decree… “This Will Be Your Best School year Ever” To help you do so, I’m committed to be here LIVE every morning with you at 7:25am EST.

So I’m committed to help you make this your Best School Year Ever by giving inspirational study tips, study hacks, and resources to help you or your student go back to school.

If you want to improve your or your student's study skills, feel free to join my 7-Day Study Skills Challenge:


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