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How to Focus in School: Back to School Studying Advice

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Have you ever sat down to study or do your homework, and find your mind drifting?

Do you find that its hard to complete school work in a timely fashion?

Well, you are not alone...


In this video, I share 3 simple steps to help you focus and get things done in school.

 Just the other day, I noticed in my email boxes, some students were emailing me and talking about some of the challenges that they're having in school. like you, I noticed a consistent trend... FOCUS!

One student by the name of Tabitha said, "Kantis, I have the simple challenge of staying focused in school".

 and another said, "I have the same challenge every year: staying focused and consistent with study time."

So, I want to create this simple video to help Leah and Tabitha and maybe other students out there like yourself who battle with this area of focusing in school.

Tony Schwartz, the co-author of the book "The Power of Full Engagement", says...

"The greatest power of the human mind "is to focus on one thing at a time.

"Now, we all know that we can only keep one thought "or one idea in our conscious mind,

"and well focusing on one thing "over an extended period of time "is what gives us great leverage."

"The problem in the modern day is that there are a lot of distractions and interruptions and other things competing for our attention, "so we lose focus.

"And the greatest tragedy is not that we are losing focus. "It's that we're losing the ability to focus."

What this simply means is that our mind is created in such a way that it focuses on one thought at one time. But what happens a lot of times as a student, we may focus on one thought, and then another thought may come, and another thought may come, another thought may come, and then we're absolutely distracted by everything that's going on.

But what will happen, what can happen, if you choose to focus on one thing at a time?

I like to compare FOCUS to a muscle...and all muscles have to be developed.

Now, I've been trying to work on my biceps a little bit, and I've realized, if I wanna build my biceps, I have to focus my attention consistently on building that bicep to get some growth.

Focus is the same way. You have to build that focus muscle.

Three things that you can do to build this focus muscle, and get more done in school.

#1 Set a goal.

When you're setting some time to study or to focus on some schoolwork, I want you to set a goal. I want you to have a goal in mind. What do I want to accomplish in this set time? So number one, set the goal. Maybe the goal is read 20 pages in your school book. Maybe the goal is to write your essay and complete your essay. Maybe your goal is to go over all of your homework and notes for the last week. Set and write down the goal.

#2. I want you to set aside a specific amount of time to focus.

Here's what I mean. Maybe you have a... You've seen a kitchen timer, you know, the one where your mom may have in the kitchen, and when she's cooking that turkey or that cake, she sets the timer, and it clicks down, and it says bing. Well, you can do the same thing.

You've got a kitchen timer. And set it for, let's say 15 minutes. And for 15 minutes, choose to focus on one thing for that 15 minutes.

Knock out all distractions. Shut down the computer. Shut the cell phone down. Shut the TV down. Get rid of all the distractions and choose to focus on one thing for 15 minutes.

Build that muscle up to 15 minutes. And then I want you to push yourself to go to 30 minutes.

Set your timer. Maybe you've got a timer on your stopwatch or your cell phone. Set it for 30 minutes. Let it count backwards, and choose to focus on that subject for 30 minutes. And then push it up to 60 minutes, developing that muscle called focus. And so when it's time study, number one, set the desired goal, and two, set the desired time for you to focus.

Now, I encourage you to push yourself to about 60 minutes, about 50 minutes, because that's normally the amount of time that you're in the classroom. So set the focus time for about 50 minutes, and then once you're done focusing, here's number three.

#3 Reward yourself.

How do you reward yourself?

Hey, you can reward yourself with an ice cream cone.

You can reward yourself by taking 15 or 20 minutes playing a video game.

You can reward yourself by taking a walk, picking up the telephone, calling a friend.

Hey, I love to play golf. I love to swing my golf club. So sometimes I will work for 60 minutes or two hours, and then I will go reward myself.

I go down to the golf range and just hit some golf balls.

What's the reward for you?

So, if you're having challenges where this area of focus in concerned, like my friends Leah and Tabitha, there are three things you can do.

  1. Set this specific goal when you sit down to study.
  2. Set the specific time for you to have intended focus. Build that muscle.
  3. Decide on the reward. How will you reward yourself after you've spent that amount of time focusing for school or focusing on your homework?

Can you use this?

Well, if you have any other challenges or frustrations in school, I would love to hear about it. Just leave me a comment below, and actually I will shoot another video specifically for you.

Make sure you leave your name or just simply tell me, hey!


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