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How to Locate College Funds (Live Q&A)

Join Kantis Simmons as he helps students and parents find resources for paying the big college tuition bill.

This is a Live Q&A, where he answered the following questions below

(7:05) How do you motivate your 12th grader to participate in scholarships finding scholarships writing essays Etc?

(13:34) I'm in need of a list of scholarships for a student that got into Boston

(23:18) What is your advice to present the best video scholarship?

(30:03) Should I fill out the FAFSA even though we have been told that we make too much money for other things?

(43:25) How do you find Merit based scholarships 95% of what I found is based on income which I don't qualify for from New Orleans

(50:09) Are there any scholarships for single moms or black boys?

(51:48) How should you go about appealing federal aid packages?

(55:43) My daughter needs help picking an essay topic the topics that were given to her just do not click with her

(59:28) As a college acceptance occurs is the next step also speaking with the college admissions finance department scholarships, etc?

(1:03:38) I need direction my son is a senior my only child and I didn't apply for scholarships when I went to college

(1:07:13) How important are ACT or SAT scores?

(1:13:23) Where should you start looking for scholarships now & what does the EFC mean?

(1:15:09) My son and my nephew are basketball players where should we look for basketball scholarships?

(1:25:15) Do you have a template to recommend to manage scholarships?


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