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Does SCHOOL Really Prepare You For Life? Chime In...

⇢ I would love your thoughts... "Does SCHOOL Really Prepare You For Life?"

Ever wondered if acing school is a blueprint for an epic life?

🤔 Do schools today prepare our students for life?

Well, In my recent video, I dive deep into a research study that spills the beans on how school success can or can not translate into life success.

In the video, I discuss...

⇢ What the A students, B students, and even the C students are up to when they graduate?

⇢ How we, as individuals, can improve our schools to better prepare students for the rollercoaster of life.

⇢ 3 strategies for developing life skills beyond the confines of the classroom.

Ready to unlock the secret to life success?

🔓Watch this video, and let's spark a conversation on whether school truly preps us for life.

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