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How to Locate Funds to Pay For College | Scholarship Sundays - Live Q&A with Kantis Simmons

Join Kantis Simmons (for a LIVE Q&A) as he helps College Bound Families Find Scholarship Money.

In this session, Kantis answered the following questions below:


(6:40) What to do in grade nine to get maximum scholarships?

9:20) How do you get money for law school?

(11:41) How do we secure scholarships to pay for Graduate School?

(14:19) How do you avoid paying college tuition for over several years?

(18:30) How do I find merit-based scholarships and income-based scholarships?

(32:59) What are the best scholarships for current Juniors to apply to, preferably in the computer science field?

(35:58) How can a parent who would not be financially aid applicable get funds for their students?

(38:03) How do you help an overly anxious senior student apply for scholarships and write essay business related classes how can he find scholarships and steps to writing essays?

(42:42) How do you know which scholarship sites to trust?

(42:59) Are you eligible for FAFSA if you currently have a degree?

(43:28) FAFSA says my income is too high, and I have two children in college, and my child only gets offered loans.. how do you maximize the offer to include Aid other than loans?

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