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How to get Young Boys to Read More


In this episode of The Kantis Simmons Show, Kantis takes us into another room to discuss how to help young boys read better.

He begins by sharing a conversation he had with his cleaning and maintenance person, Jessica, who had expressed her concerns about her son's reading habits. She had noticed that her son was only interested in reading graphic novels or comic books and was reluctant to read chapter books.

Kantis explains that studies have shown that girls tend to mature faster than boys, and while boys like reading, they are often more interested in reading things that are engaging and interesting to them. Instead of trying to force young boys to read chapter books, Kantis recommends that parents take the time to show interest in what their sons are reading, even if it is graphic novels or comic books. By doing so, parents can start a dialogue with their sons and have conversations about what they are reading, which will help to improve their comprehension skills.

Do This With Your Boys

Kantis emphasizes the importance of parents showing an interest in their son's reading choices, even if they don't necessarily approve of the material. By showing an interest, parents can encourage their sons to read more and also create an environment where their sons feel comfortable discussing their reading choices. This can also help parents to introduce new reading materials that their sons may find interesting, such as chapter books or textbooks, by using their existing interests as a starting point for discussion.

Overall, Kantis encourages parents to take the time to understand their son's reading interests and engage in meaningful conversations with them about their reading choices. By doing so, parents can help their sons to become better readers and develop a lifelong love of learning.



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