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Today's episode is all about a topic that many parents face: how to help young boys develop a love for reading. We have a special guest with us, Jessica, who will share her experience and insights into her son's reading habits. Join me, Kantis Simmons, as we explore practical strategies to engage boys in reading and build a strong parent-child connection.

Understanding Boys' Reading Preferences:

One of the key challenges parents often encounter is getting boys to read. Jessica discovered this firsthand when her son showed a preference for graphic novels and comic books over traditional chapter books. Instead of dismissing his interests, she decided to explore a different approach.

Embracing Boys' Interests:

Boys have unique interests and preferences when it comes to reading. Rather than trying to force them to read what we think they should read, it's essential to embrace their interests and engage with the material they enjoy. In Jessica's case, she realized that her son's passion for graphic novels could be the gateway to nurturing a love for reading.

Building a Parent-Child Connection:

As a parent, it's crucial to show genuine interest in your son's reading choices. Take the time to have conversations about what he's reading, ask questions, and encourage him to share his thoughts and ideas. By doing so, you create a safe space where your son feels valued and understood. This connection forms the foundation for further growth in reading habits and overall communication.

Promoting Comprehension and Communication:

While it's important to allow boys to explore their preferred reading materials, it's equally vital to ensure they comprehend what they're reading and can effectively communicate their thoughts. Engage in discussions about the stories, characters, and themes in their chosen books. This not only strengthens their comprehension skills but also enhances their ability to articulate their ideas.

Expanding Reading Horizons:

As the parent, you have the opportunity to gently introduce different types of books and reading materials to your son. By establishing a foundation of trust and open dialogue, you can suggest chapter books, textbooks, or other literature that may capture his interest. With the parent-child connection in place, your son will be more receptive to exploring new reading experiences.


Encouraging boys to read requires understanding their unique preferences and interests. Jessica's experience highlights the importance of embracing graphic novels and comic books as legitimate forms of reading material for young boys. By showing genuine interest in your son's reading choices, engaging in meaningful conversations, and promoting comprehension and communication skills, you can nurture a lifelong love for reading. Remember, it's not about forcing a specific type of book but about fostering a strong parent-child connection and supporting your son's reading journey. So, let's be better parents, embrace our boys' interests, and watch as they flourish into confident readers.

Join us on The Kantis Simmons Show for more insightful discussions and practical tips on raising happy, healthy, and well-rounded children. Remember, every child deserves the opportunity to thrive, and reading can be a powerful tool in their personal growth and development.


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