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$35,000 in 7 weeks???

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Can I be honest?

I honestly hate talking about MONEY ; but I must share how this one family received $35,000 of college funds in 7 weeks.

Mr. Labelle and his wife had no idea on how they were going to come up with the money and resources to fund their daughter’s college education…but as good parents they knew they had to take action to help their high school senior.

They reached out to me, after attending one of my workshops, and enrolled in Scholarship U.

“We haven’t saved, we haven’t planned, and we don’t have much time before our daughter goes off to college… can you help us?"

Like a good neighbor…StateFarm is there! LOL!! HAHA!

NO! Not StateFarm…my advice, his commitment, and their action!

This is what Mr. Labelle decided to do... he listened to my advice, committed to doing what I said, and TOOK ACTION. Now he’s $35,000 closer to accomplishing their $49,000 college money goal.

The 7 Week College Funding Journey

In Week #1 - I showed him the errors he made when applying to FAFSA, and how a few tweaks were needed to be made to maximize their federal aid return.

In Week #2 - I showed them how to find low and high amount scholarships for their daughter who wants to go into the travel industry.

In Week #3 - I showed them how to position her high school activities, leverage her skills and average school grades to land scholarships.

In Week #4 - I warned him about getting so antsy, to jump and take out a student loan (and the traps), but trust my college funding process.

In Week #5 - I showed them how to write scholarship essays that get the readers attention, when applying to their dream NY school and applying for local and national scholarships.

In Week #6 - I gave them the exact verbiage to say to the financial aid advisor that helped them get more money from the college of their choice.

In Week #7 - We celebrated the results that came in, and detailed the next steps to take in order to get the remaining $14,000 needed for their daughter. We want it paid in full!

Just like the Labelle family, you too may be looking for a plan, needing a guide, and desiring to save time and energy on finding funds to pay for your (or student’s college education).

Well I would love to help you!!

Click here to enroll in Scholarship U, and see how my hands-on training and personal help can serve you and your family now.


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