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Back to School Advice: How to Get and Stay Motivated

back to school advice motivation school study tips

So it’s another school year. It’s time to get up every morning and start your routine of sitting in class, listening, studying, taking test, and doing homework.

After an amazing summer, what’s going to get you back in the school groove? How can you flip the switch from summer-minded to school minded?

In the video below, I’m going to give you three things I suggest to get you in shape for the school year. In this video I will discuss:

How to get motivated, so you stay full all year long.
Why organization is the key to your success – and the 3 main areas to organize
How to study and the best place to study
Plus much more…

Before I give you those three things…

If you find that your motivation is always up and down, here is a way to overcome apathy and lack of motivation in school. I believe that the key to staying motivated and focused in school is by setting the right academic goals. When your goals, and proper study habits are not in place, it will lead you to a long and frustrating school year.

In the video, I share what parents and students say are their biggest challenges in school.


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