In Just 7 Weeks, You Can Develop a Stress-Free Plan, Save Thousands of Dollars and Finally Follow a Roadmap to  Fund Your College Education...with this Live BOOTCAMP


Are you trying to find money for school and make sense of the college enrollment process? Are you trying to get all the bills paid, without spending your money or taking out excessive student loans? Well, you are not alone.

That’s why I started Scholarship U. Over the last 10 months, we have simplified the process of locating and landing scholarships and college funds for students and parents...


Our College Funding Roadmap and Hands-On Blueprint in Scholarship U (2.0) is Waiting For You!

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7 Week Live Boot Camp

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Imagine Where You (or Your Student) Would Be If You Started with this Information 12 months ago, Just Like Our Past Students & Families:

"Kantis Helped Us Get $35,000 in 7 Weeks"

Before working with Kantis and going through the Scholarship U Live Bootcamp, I had no clue on how I was going to fund my daughters education. But through Kantis advice he has helped us get $35,000 in 7 weeks. We are now waiting to hear back from these other scholarships, so we can hit our $49,000 total.

- Mr. LaBelle (Hudson Falls, NY)

"Just Listen to Kantis, and follow his advice!"

My son and I attended his workshops, followed his instructions, and did what he said down to the T. Because of his guidance, we were able to come up with $40,000 for my son's first year of school, including federal financial aid, a partial Basketball scholarship, and a partial video media scholarship for the school...and all this manifested a week before school started. Listen to Kantis.

- The Randles (Hopewell, VA)

"See What These Families Have to Say About this College Funding Course"

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Do You Like Wasting Time and Money Trying To Figure Out the College Funding Process Yourself? Of Course NOT!

Right now you have a very RARE opportunity!

The cost of education is on at an all-time high... student loan debt is rising, and Billions of dollars are going unclaimed by high school students for federal aid.

This opportunity gives you a College Funding Insider, coach, mentor and community which keeps you on top of what's happening and helping you avoid the traps that come with college...not only including student loan debt.

Scholarship U is a 7 Week Live Training Bootcamp we will show you how to develop a plan to:

  • apply for college,
  • apply for FAFSA (the right way),
  • maximize your financial aid return,
  • locate scholarships and
  • land grants and free money

to help you save on your overall college tuition expenses.

When You Enroll In Scholarship U, You Get...

7 Weekly LIVE College Funding Q&A Training ($1497 Value)

LIVE hand-holding training that walks you through the process of applying for federal financial aid (FAFSA), locating scholarships, applying for grants, writing essays, and positioning yourself to land scholarships and college money. You'll be able to generate a stress-free plan to get your college bill paid for.

Recordings will be available and put into the members area for lifetime access.

7 Module College Funding Course ($997 Value)

You shouldn't have to worry about taking notes. You should just be able to watch the training and go get results. Which is why we created all the videos, guides and process maps that you can take and GO! Every video comes with it's own guide and download.

Yearly Online Academy Access ($1497 Value)

Get access to exclusive Scholarship U Membership Site, discussion groups, plus access to all the training videos , plus bonus interviews, trainings with Kantis and fellow students for an entire YEAR!

Access To The Latest Version Of The Bootcamp

You will always have access to the training and recordings. AND after completing Scholarship U, and still in need of federal aid, FAFSA, Scholarships, and  grants, You get   unlimited access to updates and all our new strategies. And YES, you will always get all the newest training, recordings, PDFs in this course even if you do not show up live.

PLUS! Get $1,091 In Additional Resources And Bonuses To Help Save Money for School:

Private Facebook Group (Valueless)

I get it. You have questions. Your college education is unique and you want be sure you're getting proper advice and help . You can join our private Facebook group with Kantis and all our other members.

You get lifetime access to our private Facebook group to ask questions, be the first to know of our new strategies, get informed of updates and share your success!

Scholarship Workbook & Organizer ($97)

Get an electronic and soft cover workbook to stay organized and discover the secrets to landing scholarship and free money.

Kantis' SCHOLARSHIP ROLODEX ($497 Value)

Not finding the scholarships you need? Well get hot off the press scholarships that come across the desk of Kantis, and get a directory of other known funding sources, that he doesn't share anywhere else.

Monthly Advice - "College Knowledge" ($497 Value)

Get access to exclusive monthly advice from Kantis on everything it takes to get into school, pick the right major, succeed with college classes, and be prepared for your future career.

"He saved me from taking out a Parent Loan"

While contemplating on what we were going to do to fund the last portion of my son's college tuition, I attended Kantis' Pay For College Event in Boston, and it was a game changer...he gave us practical advice that saved us years of student loan debt and agony. thank You Kantis!

- Susan, Mom of College Freshman (Boston, VA)

"Regardless of My GPA, Kantis Showed Me How To Still Find Scholarships"

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* Special Enrollment Option *

7 Week Live Boot Camp + Course

(Normal Investment $997)










Let's Dive Into What This 7 Week Training Will Consist Of:

Topics Discussed in Week 1

  • How to Apply for Federal Aid to Access Unclaimed Funds
  • 7 Must-Have Things to Apply for FAFSA
  • 5 Mistakes That Families Make When Seeking Aid
  • 10 Ways to Maximize Your Federal Aid Return
  • 10 Ways to Students Can Get Aid Despite Their Parents

Topics Discussed in Week 2

  • What is Free Money and 3 Ways to Get It
  • 7+ Places to Locate College Scholarships
  • How to Apply For Scholarships and What to Say
  • How to Market Yourself So You Stand Out
  • How to Maintain The Scholarships Once You Get Them
  • 7+ Ways to Position Yourself To Land Scholarships

Topics Discussed in Week 3

  • How to Position Your Grades and Activities
  • How to Get Scholarships With Poor Grades
  • No One Wants an Ugly Truck, But Sell Them Yours
  • How to Organize Your College Search Process
  • 3 Things To Consider When Accepting a Reward Letter

Topics Discussed in Week 4

  • What Is a Student Loan and How Does it Work
  • When to Borrow College Money and When Not To
  • The Key Difference Between Parent Loans and Student Loans
  • The Student Loan Trap and How to Avoid It
  • When Deferment is Good and Bad, And Why You Should Have a Plan
  • How to Break the Chains of Debt

Topics Discussed in Week 5

  •  How to Overcome Writer's Block
  • The Black-out technique For Writing Your Essays 10x faster
  • How to Turn Life Happenings into College Essays
  • The Simple Strategy to Get You Entire Essay Read

Topics Discussed in Week 6

  • 7 Ways to Add Money to Your College Account
  • 3 Strategies to Save and Invest in Your Future
  • Why Starting Early is Important All You Need
  • How to Master a 529 College Savings Plan
  • Extra Income Strategies Including Real-Estate Secrets

Topics Discussed in Week 7

  • 4 Factors to Consider with Picking a College
  • How to Decide on Which Offer To Accept
  • Making the right Decision on a Major
  • How to draft a Plan to Guarantee Your success
  • How to get all the funds you desire

Enroll Today in This Live 7-Week Q&A Bootcamp and 7 Module Course

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