"Learn the Step-by-Step Game Plan to Stay Motivated, Remain Focused and Get 'A' Grades in School"

Most students find going to school, studying and test-taking intimidating. But the reality is, every student can have a successful academic career, if they develop the right skills that produce  the right habits, mindsets, disciplines and work ethic.

Yes! Every student can stay motivated, remain focused and succeed in school, when they follow the carefully constructed system you'll discover inside Play Your 'A' Game


"After having a few sessions with Kantis, I went from a 2.5 Sophomore at Michigan State, to now a 3.5-4.0 rising senior. He taught he me how to manage my time, improve my focus and my schedule as student and athletic manager.”

- Jalin Thomas, MSU Student, & RocNation Intern

If your student lacks motivation to get school work done...

If your student is disappointed after taking a test...

If your student finds that studying is a painful daily chore...

or even if you think their report card grades could use a steroid boost...

...I've got good news.

Play Your 'A' Game Program will explain what you can do about it.

Hi, I'm Kantis Simmons, and I teach students how to succeed in school, and I teach families the action-by-action steps to fund their college tuition via scholarships and free money.

I've experienced first hand what it feels like to transition from high-school, to college, to grad school, and then graduate school again... and not have to pay a single college tuition bill, thus helping my parents save over $317,000.

I have helped hundreds of other families pay the college tuition bill, or even offset some of the cost by helping them locate and land college scholarships. In this program, I want to take the guesswork out of finding college funds, and share that with you today and give you a happy reality.

Getting "A" Grades has literally transformed my life. I personally cannot wait to help you with your study skills and academic success plan…


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“I met Kantis in middle school. He’s real and relative. And he gives an applicable...informative...and easy to understand program that impacted both my personal & academic life. I’m a pharmacy today because of what he shared with me.”

- Dr. Tanea Chane, Former Middle School Student, Now Doctor of Pharmacy

Play Your "A" Game Is Right For Your Student if They Can Are Serious About Improving,


This program is for you, if you’re ready to:

  • You want to raise your school grades, and do it without all the stress and nervousness.
  • You are looking for a solution to find motivation and enthusiasm to overcome school boredom.
  • You find yourself procrastinating, and want to know the best time to study certain subjects.
  • You are open to use new shortcuts and web technology to enhance your grades when studying.
  • You want to learn how to set academic goals and accomplish every one of them.
  • You are open to develop ninja-like focus and get things done faster.

Play Your "A" Game Will Help Loving Parents, Adults, and Educators Discover...

  • How to help students balance and prioritize their school work and other responsibilities.
  • How to destroy the one habit every parent teaches their child that may be hurting their current academic success.
  • How a mother stayed motivated and focused enough to finish two college degrees, hold down a full time job, and raise three students of her own.
  • The 5 Reasons why students will fail a class, and what you can do to help them avoid it.
  • How to use tools and strategies to open up communication with their students to

...And much much more...

Here's What's Inside Play Your 'A' Game Video Course...

MODULE 1: School Motivation

Discover how to establish your "why" and goals for being in school, and learn how to gain and stay motivated to do well, and keep it over a long period of time.

MODULE 2: Student Mindset

Learn the 7 key thoughts you must-have to be an Honor Student, and renew your mindset as a student.

MODULE 3: Learning Methods

Discover the 7 Styles of Learning, and find which works for you; plus gain a precise studying structure.

MODULE 4: Time Management

So where does the time go and can you really manage it. In this module you will learn an $168 Productivity Strategy to be more productive in school, and end procrastination; (it's actually easier than you think).

MODULE 5: Study Muscle

In this module, you will discover How to Successfully Locate Free Money, College Scholarships, and Grants and learn the 7+ places to look for free college money, and how to apply for the scholarships you find.

MODULE 6: Focus Momentum

In this module you will learn how to defeat distractions, stay focused and train yourself to get things done fast

MODULE 7: Test-Taking Mastery

The Game Plan to Study Less, Retain More, and Pass your Exams Without Anxiety and Nervousness. You will discover how to be a better test-preparer.


Why You Need a Mentor, Even If You Don't Think You Do

Help Your Student Get Better Grades with a Step By Step Roadmap that Will Improve their Study Skills and Study Habits



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  • PYAG Student Book: “Stay Motivated, Remain Focused, and Succeed in School & Life” (soft cover)* 
  • Parent/Adult Activity Workbook: "The Ultimate Game Plan to Help Students Succeed in School" *
  • PYAG Motivational Wrist Band *
  • PYAG Spiral Bound Journal & Writing Pen *
  • 7.25 Module Academic Success Video Course
  • Bonus 1 - "Academic Study Sounds" Album (mp3)
  • Bonus 2 -  “Better Grades in 7 Days” (audio mp3)
  • Bonus 3 -“The True Role of Parents” (audio mp3)
  • Bonus 4 -“Why Must I Go to School” (audio mp3)
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  • PYAG Student Book: “Stay Motivated, Remain Focused, and Succeed in School & Life” (soft cover)* 
  • Parent/Adult Activity Workbook: "The Ultimate Game Plan to Help Students Succeed in School" *
  • PYAG Motivational Wrist Band *
  • PYAG Spiral Bound Journal & Writing Pen *
  • 7.25 Module Academic Success Video Course
  • Bonus 1 - "Academic Study Sounds" Album (mp3)
  • Bonus 2 -  “Better Grades in 7 Days” (audio mp3)
  • Bonus 3 -“The True Role of Parents” (audio mp3)
  • Bonus 4 -“Why Must I Go to School” (audio mp3)
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 Investing in the PLAY YOUR 'A' GAME Book or Study Skills In the Box Will Be an Investment That Will Support Your Student Through All Levels of Education...and even beyond school

They will earn and continue to discover...

  • How to manage and discipline themselves, to make good use of their time.
  • How to schedule their day to be more productive, inside and outside the classroom.
  • How to design their study location so you they can free themselves from distractions, get the most out of their study time.
  • How to identify their learning style, to better review subjects, and best retain what they've studied.
  • How to prepare for school tests and be more confident when take exams, quizzes, and standardized test. 

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