Join Kantis Simmons for a 7-Day Study Skills Challenge - For Just $7 USD

Discover the step-by-step game plan to help your student Stay Motivated, Remain Focused, and Succeed in School and Life!

School Success Expert, Kantis Simmons, shows you how to get through to your kids without them rolling their eyes, with this new book

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Study Skills Challenge

 Let's Improve Your Study Skills and Make This Your Best School Year Ever, Together 

Here's What You'll Get...

  • Daily Instructional Videos - So I can show you study habits of highly successful students. Sometimes I'll be drawing on a flip chart, in these videos, and sometimes I'll share my screen.
  • Daily Action Items - I will show you, step-by-step, how to study for classes, retain what you learned, and be more productive by sending you a series of short, daily, steps to take. Zero guess work required.
  • Private Students’ Community - For additional support and ongoing accountability during the challenge.
  • Templates, Scripts & Worksheets - So you can fill in the blanks and apply what you're learning, quickly.

Hundreds of Successful Students Can’t Be Wrong...

After having a few sessions with Kantis, I went from a 2.5 Sophomore at Michigan State, to now a 3.5-4.0 rising senior. He taught he me how to manage my time, improve my focus and my schedule as student and athletic manager.

Jalin Thomas (MSU Graduate, & RocNation Intern)

I met Kantis in middle school. He’s real and relative. And he gives an applicable...informative...and easy to understand program that impacted both my personal & academic life. I’m a Pharmacist today because of what he shared with me.

Tanea Chane Womack, Former Middle School Student, Now Doctor of Pharmacy