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Kantis Encourages STEM Educators to Accept Their Call

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"What's the Name of Your STEM School?"


Kantis Pushes College Educators to Stand up for STEM

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"Why Teaching STEM is Important to Society"


"Why Do You Push STEM?"


"Here Some Fun Ways to Get Students to Learn, Love, and Live STEM"


Hear What Other Educators Say...

"Best Speaker in 11 years"

"He was one of the best speakers we ever had in 11 years... He was so good that several of our students asked to stay here today to see him a second time, because they enjoyed him so much."

- Danny Knot, Principal | East Montgomery HS (VA)

"I Highly Recommend for STEM"

"He did beyond our wildest imaginations, and encouraged them to live beyond their dreams and pursue careers in STEM. They were engaged and laughing. I highly recommend Kantis."

-Jessie Vernon, Coordinator | (Inst for Virginia Adv. Learning & Research)

"Inspired Them About STEM"

"He's getting students energized, motivated and inspired about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. And that's most important to me and my University. "

-Dr. Shumaker, Associate Professor | Univ. of West Alabama (AL)

"He Engages Both Students and Educators"

"Kantis was amazing. He has such a way of engaging with students and with educators. He gave us messages that we can take home and messages that we can remember. Thank you Kantis"

-Dr. Jennifer Benne, Dept. Head | Lincoln University (MO)

"Right On Target Message"

"Kantis did a fabulous job, and the students really heard his message. He delivers a unique and right on target message to students. He had a really positive message, and I encourage you to bring Kantis to your school and let his message resonate with your students, the way ours."

-Wes Paul, Principal | Eastern (MA)

"If you are tinkering with STEAM"

My School District was fortunate to have Kantis talking to us about ways in which we can empower our students and our community to really be proactive members of a S.T.E.A.M community.

…I would highly recommend that you bring Kantis to your school.

 -Marc Patterson (Superintendent) East Whittier, CA


"He hit it out of the ballpark. "

We wanted somebody to start off the STEM conference with inspiring the teachers, let them know how worthwhile they are and what they're capable of doing for their students. He did an amazing job.

- Kim Connolly | Virginia Military Institute (VA)


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