Play Your 'A' Game (Book)

Learn The Exact Academic Study Secrets That Are Keeping Your Student From Their Full Potential and Making A's in School and Life

Play Your 'A' Game Book Will Help Your Student...

  • Overcome procrastination and get things done, faster.
  • Set academic goals and accomplish every one of them.
  • Balance school, family, and social time, to be more productive.
  • Increase their classroom confidence and defeat test anxiety.
  • Prevent common distractions that disrupt their day.
  • Stay motivated and disciplined throughout the school year.
  • Create positive habits that will help them make better grades.
  • Develop the proper study skills that will produce study habits

With a simple shift in their mindset and some smart study practices, Play Your "A" Game will help them start getting the grades elite honor students.

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What People Are Saying:

“I met Kantis in middle school. He’s real and relative. And he gives an applicable...informative...and easy-to-understand program that impacted both my personal & academic life. I’m a pharmacy today because of what he shared with me.”

- Dr. Tanea Chane, Former Middle School Student, Now Doctor of Pharmacy

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